Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Be hot AND smooth. . .it's all about atmosphere, baby.

Atmosphere goes a long way with me.

I've discovered that atmosphere is key a factor in the extent to which I can let go during a sexual experience. The Prof, as you can imagine, is keenly aware of this and essentially goes on autopilot when we arrive at our party accommodations to finesse the room.

Likely most people, when asked, would share that they too enjoy a sexy atmosphere in which to play. Interestingly enough, this doesn't always translate into an actual sexy atmosphere on the part of all hosts.

We can appreciate that it does take some work and forethought to facilitate an erotic atmosphere. Most likely, the lack of any preparation for hosting lovers is simply lack of time, and truthfully, just the result of throwing on hottie clothes and running off to the party! We know. . .we can't wait to hit the dance floor and start flirting either!

So, in the interest of advancing erotic atmospheres and facilitating the maximum number of orgasms in all swinger sex dens and play rooms, we humbly offer this brief checklist for those whose brains are already muddled by hormones and energy shots:
  • Lights low?
  • Music playing?
  • Condoms and lube on the side tables?
  • Lots of water around?
  • Fruit and chocolate available?
Simple, quick and don't you look smooth? Hells yeah.

Depending on what we are in the mood for, we might have fun sex games available, like those the indomitable Sex is Fun crew recommend available at greatsexgames.com. Of course, a naughty round of body shots or a few strategically placed hits of whipped cream can instantly make the erotic energy crackle.

We might also make the toys and restraints available. We try to gauge whether or not certain sexual accoutrements may make too strong an impression on rookies or slightly vanilla friends. No judgment. . .just being sensitive.

Finessing a hot, orgasm-inducing atmosphere certainly isn't required. But it definitely ensures that all that pent up energy from the flirting and the dance floor can be focused on your lovers and not on moving the shoe she just sat on to the closet or searching and searching (and searching. . .) for those condoms you thought you put in this pocket.

We know you are that hot. Now make sure you are that smooth.

[Cue the porn soundtrack]

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