Friday, February 12, 2010

Wait for it. . .wait for it. . .

The Prof and I have some fun, sexy times scheduled into the calendar over the next few months: great parties, a hot trip and a few dates sprinkled in between. Sounds fantastic! The trick is, in the meantime, we have all-vanilla-all-the-time. This has been causing me angst. As it is, I'm not known for my patience, maybe for corsets or really dirty Dirty Martinis, but certainly not my patience.

So to cope with my raw impatience and subsequent angst, I am reframing my angst as delicious anticipation. Isn't it true that at least part of the enjoyment of sexy fun is the anticipation of said fun? Anticipation comes in various forms. I have chosen three of my favorites.
  • Fantasy! Whenever we have sexy fun on the horizon, The Prof and I undoubtedly spend time in the hot tub or in bed talking about all the hotties we look forward to seeing at the upcoming party and all the fun friends we have yet to meet. How can this anticipatory dialogue not turn into an enthusiastic and spectacular romp? The thing is, it is indeed fantasy. . .we aren't planning our seductions or expecting any particular action. We are gleaning every bit of pleasure and every single orgasm out of the luscious anticipation without one bit of expectation of with whom, if anyone, we actually play on party night.
  • Flirting! I love to flirt: the clever and leading banter, the casual, yet pointed, touching, the steamy eye contact. . .oh, yum! Flirting is the embodiment of anticipation. That feeling of trying someone on, the give and take of blossoming arousal, is an integral part of the seduction dance. As an advanced flirter, you know that flirting is just as sexy when it is just for flirting's sake. That anticipation and potential sexual energy may become kinetic later in the evening or months from now. Either way, the anticipation works its magic and you find yourself turned on.
  • Foreplay! Oh my. . .the slower and more deliberate, the better, as far as I am concerned! Foreplay is just delicious: hot breath on my neck, strong hands grasping my hips, touching those often overlooked erogenous zones like wrists, behind the knees and the lower back. Mmmm. . .yeah. A relaxed, patient lover is a confident lover. And I know what that usually means for me: more orgasms! Anticipation while playing heightens orgasmic response. Orgasm edging, getting your partner almost there then letting the feeling subside only to bring them close again (and again), is experiencing anticipation in its most raw and sensual embodiment. The reward for enduring such anticipation is the amazing pleasure of the prolonged build up of the physiological sexual cocktail of hormones as well as a mind-blowing orgasm (or two or three. . .).
Wow! On that note, it seems as though I convinced myself of the virtues of anticipation. Truthfully, I am not feeling much more patient despite those virtues. However, I am willing to get as much pleasure as I can from the anticipation knowing that the experiences themselves will be that much hotter.

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