Tuesday, June 14, 2011

The Shameless Walks of Shame

I suppose when you work at the front desk of a hotel you have likely seen a lot, especially on Saturday night. Well, Prof and I and some super sexy friends did our part in adding to the hotel front desk employees’ entertainment this past weekend.

We were very lucky to have been hosted on two consecutive nights by two crazy hot couples we met at Desire this year. They are actually friends with each other as well and are part of a group of friends who served as planning committee and erotic welcome wagon for us as we traveled to their fair city.

We looked forward to the visit with no expectations beyond that of delicious intellectual foreplay and the witty and flirty conversational attack, parry and riposte. Getting to cultivate relationships with friends we meet at Desire is so satisfying. It makes us realize that, although time spent at Desire can feel like traveling to another dimension, the relationships we start there are real and multidimensional when everyone wishes it to be so.

We enjoyed some truly spectacular sightseeing from the inside of two swank hotel rooms each night, thanks to these hottie locals!

On the first night, we were excited to meet up with our hottie local friends at a rocking rooftop bar. After what we all decided was one too many rounds of drinks to be patient through, we walked over to the next more exciting venue: the hotel. While waiting in the lobby to go up to the room, He and I were getting overly friendly. Prof was providing Her with moral support while she was checking us in. Of course, the desk staff doesn’t know who is attached to whom, but they certainly know that we are all four headed to the same room. I’m guessing the amorous behavior in the lobby may have been a tip off. Oh, and the fact we arrived with no luggage.

Being busy professionals, we all know the cost of time wasted, so, of course, the elevator ride was the logical beginning of an erotically eventful night. After taking in some sights of those locals, we all left together after checking in mere hours before. Upon departing, She was unabashed about checking out. I loved it, was so impressed and I took my cues from Her. With all of us still slightly disheveled and still revved on hormones, we availed ourselves of the rehydration station so thoughtfully provided in the lobby. Maybe we weren’t the first ones to use a room there for a few hours that night.

We parted ways on the sidewalk with delicious kisses and biddings of safe travel. It was only after we walked in our separate directions that I felt my face heat and blush. I couldn’t help but giddily squeal, “I can’t believe we made such a scene.” As always, Prof chuckled and said, “It didn’t seem to bother you while you were making out with Him.”

The next night we met the next contingent from the welcome wagon. They had already checked in before they met us in the lobby lounge. After drinks and excellent conversation, we adjourned to an adventurous dinner and then to the swing club. With so much heat in the atmosphere at the awesome club, it’s easy to allow the spark to catch. With that much erotic friction while dancing, the idea of having a place waiting where we could be alone became irresistible.

After an orgasmic cab ride, we stumbled and hugged our way to the elevator, making a scene with the photos to prove it. With our friends pulling out all the stops with their hosting efforts, we couldn’t help but be exceptionally comfortable while sightseeing that night. As time ran short for our friends, we halfheartedly helped them pack, as we didn’t want them to go.

Prof and I checked in with them and decided that we didn’t want to let all the erotic energy left in the room to simply dissipate, so we stayed for a while longer. That led to some kinky play and the loss of an earring. With the appropriate amount of damage done, it was time for us two make our second “walk of shame” of the weekend.

We couldn’t help but laugh as we saw each other arm-in-arm in the mirrors on our way out. We were well beyond salvaging. The sun was starting to peek out, so we figured if we were ever going to venture out looking like we did that was the perfect time to do so. The guy behind the desk did the twenty-first century equivalent of tipping his hat while we walked through the lobby.

We desperately and devilishly look forward to future shameless walks of shame with these incredible hotties! Desire, your fair city or you name the city…we are there!

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Prof and I have a new fun bedtime pastime: browsing porn together. YouPorn makes it so easy to have a broad spectrum of categories and ways to search. We climb into bed with our iPad and let the fun begin! Although I’ve found that what is fun about this pastime is less the porn watching and more the browsing.

I find it completely fascinating watching Prof browse and click and watch and click. Observing what he continues to watch versus what he decides to move away from. Sometimes I start to get into something I find to be super hot that he is not really into and I have to admit I was left hanging.

This interactive porn process has led us to be more open with each other about the nuances of our turn ons, especially about what I find extra naughty. Of course, extra naughty varies from person to person and it is just that knowledge that I have been happy to learn about Prof.

Sometimes it is hard to discuss sex in a vacuum. Don’t get me wrong…we love to talk about sex. We do it all the time. It is just cool to have actual examples of the sexy behaviors right there for us to both watch and then talk about what it is exactly that really gets our juices flowing.

I also love to watch Prof get turned on, to go from 0 to 105 in 2 seconds flat. It’s funny to be browsing clips that don’t hit the mark and then be roughly seduced by some surprising scenario. This happened the other night when we were clicking and clicking and landed watching a blonde women and four men. It started with her on one couch masturbating and all the guys on another big couch watching her. It was hot to watch her play to them and to make them wait! Anticipation is porn is so rare.

It was impossible to not to put myself in her position as that is where my fantasies have taken me lately. Of course, after we watched we ran with it during our fantasy talk and there easily could have been three other men there it felt so realistic in my mind. Watching the clip perhaps put me one step closer to fulfilling the fantasy. And I know for certain Prof is on board to watch or participate in such hotness.

We have been having such fun with it and learning about each other’s deeper fantasies to boot. Give it a try! We’d love to hear what you think.