Sunday, November 8, 2009

The benefits of being a leading man.

The Prof and I have such a fun community of non-monogamous friends. We regularly, but not often enough, gather the friends together in a party atmosphere. We also enjoy awesome, hot couple's dating as much as we can, especially within that group of sexy friends.

We have crazy hot chemistry with one couple that lives a significant distance away. Given the geographic challenge, the stars have to align perfectly to facilitate a date with these hotties. Oh, the bliss and pleasure when the stars align!

During our last date, a spectacular turn of sexy events drew my attention to a phenomenon worthy of sharing for both educational and titillating purposes. Before diving right into it, perhaps a little foreplay, I mean, backstory is necessary.

[Cut to scene of rocking, awesome party.] The Prof and I met this hottie couple at our favorite swing party on Halloween. The initial interaction was conversation and some sexy dancing between me and, I'll call her, Katy. We clearly had immediate chemistry before we even shared with one another that we are both bisexual. The dancing and roaming hands spoke for themselves. While we were dancing and chatting, there was plenty of laughing and sharing about our experiences with women in the Lifestyle.

We concurred that declaring oneself "bisexual" while swinging encompasses a broad continuum of comfortable behavior: from being okay with sexy dancing and nothing else, to the almost rare pursuit of exclusively female-on-female-every-which-way-you-can-think-of sex. Katy and I teasingly discovered of one another that we both crave sexy women in all the hot, sweaty, creative ways possible. Score for me!

One of the challenges I have discovered in the Lifestyle is that being a passionately bisexual woman can lead to awkward moments and the female equivalent of blue balls: "blue va-jay-jay," as Oprah would call it. So to actually meet a wildly sexy, equally passionate bisexual woman with whom I have chemistry is almost a jackpot. Time to meet and introduce the partners. . .oh please, please, please let there be four-way chemistry.

[Cut back to the party now.] Katy and I part to gather the men to facilitate introductions only to find happily they have already made the discovery of us on the dance floor and have struck up a conversation. (I mean, really, I'm sure no one could have missed us on the dance floor, right? ::wink::) As we walk over, I make eye contact with, I'll call him Carter, and feel instant erotic electricity. Oh, so score for me!

The four of us continue to have awesome conversation and flirt, although I still haven't checked in with The Prof about where his chemistry is with Katy. When we do connect, The Prof shares he wasn't sure where the chemistry was with Katy--leaving the possibility for more fun and flirting to check the reciprocity of the chemistry. We continue to enjoy the dancing and the flirting and end up moving in a different direction that night.

[Cut to the next party.] The Prof and I spot Katy and Carter across the room and make our way over. We all greet one another with enthusiasm and lingering hugs and kisses; the four-way chemistry was immediately obvious. The Prof was noticeably more forward with Katy and they had an exchange I didn't catch then shared a laugh. Hmmm. . .intriguing.

What I haven't yet shared is that at the Halloween party, The Prof was dressed, very convincingly, as a rapper: the modern thug-looking rapper, complete with multiple neck tattoos, hat cocked to the side, pants hanging low. Apparently, that is not Katy's type and she shared with The Prof that she was delightedly relieved to note his transformation. The transformation that resulted in the elusive four-way chemistry. Score for us all!

[Cut to trendy downtown district then hotel room.] We made a date and got together for an awesome night of drinks, dinner, dancing and, gasp, playing. It was so much fantastic fun leading us ultimately to our hotel room. I'll admit that by the time we made it there the attraction I was feeling toward Katy was at the boiling point. With no hesitation, I began kissing her and we began to play slowly and sensuously.

Typically, in a foursome experience, I would encourage communication among everyone before the action gets rolling. Unfortunately, this was a step that I neglected. Although I trusted that The Prof, who is very familiar with the female-female dynamic, would simply enjoy observing and watching me please and be pleased. The angle I didn't consider is the perspective of Carter who is open and giving, but not yet experienced with this dynamic.

While Katy and I were wrapped up in one another, The Prof was patiently staying in the moment knowing and anticipating the spoils of the partner of a bisexual woman after a hot female-female experience. Carter, however, was at a bit of a loss. After watching for a bit, he attempted to gently enter into the dynamic, but it just wasn't right yet.

The erotic arc between Katy and me hadn't yet run its course. I certainly wouldn't have objected to Carter's advances at all. I was anticipating playing with him as much as Katy. After a few attempts, he smilingly encouraged The Prof to get in the mix too. At which point, The Prof assured him, "Patience, brother, our time will come and you will be so glad you were patient."

Indeed, it would and indeed he was! After Katy and I had exhausted the entire sexual repertoire known to women, we turned our heightened desire toward the two very lucky men. They were then put through their paces by two seriously turned on, revved up lovers. Call it outsourced foreplay. Not that either of them were looking to get out of it!

In our experience, The Prof and I have discovered the phenomenon that a sustained female-female dynamic results in an intense desire on the part of the women for penetration of some kind. This phenomenon is supported in sexological research. And, happily, in a heterosexual couple foursome dynamic, there are two gorgeous, erect cocks ready just when the women want them.

For the male partners of bisexual women, playing that supporting role during focused female-female play may take some time to get used to. Further, sometimes the interest of the group is more focused on integrated foursome play, which is also crazy hot. The difference is communication about everyone's desires and honoring that. When the women express clear desire for an exclusively female dynamic for a stretch, it is practically guaranteed that the men's patience and benevolent restraint in the supporting role will be rewarded with some seriously hot attention after the women play.

So, all you men out there with bisexual partners, consider that often a solid performance in a supporting role leads to the utterly satisfying, demanding and sometimes exhausting role of leading man. I know you are up for it!

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