Sunday, August 21, 2011

A little motivation

It's been far, far too long since we've posted. We could easily blame it on a busy life, our highly programmed (vanilla) summer, or myriad other reasons. Yet, it occurred to me that what we may have been missing most was simply some motivation.

It's time to take matters into my own hands.

As I write, Ginger is laid out before me...wearing nothing but a collar and some temporary red marks on her porcelain skin from the touch of my hand and our new flogger. From this point on, she'll be telling us all a bit about her dirty little secrets. My job: continue to apply the right motivation. Let's see what happens...

To be in a place so raw and simple makes everything simple. Nothing else exists but what Prof wants. What Prof wants is my dirty little secrets. My truth as it exists right now is coaxed from me by his hardness against my body and the rope he is working around my ankle. The truth I'm sharing with you may or may not earn me orgasms tonight. And, I want them.

As both my legs strain against the ropes tied to the bed posts, I know I'm not going anywhere until you know my truth in this moment. The most secret of my secrets is I want many hands, many lips, many tongues. Any other time, every other time, I censor myself.

Only with the weight and sting of the flogger and potential promise of orgasms will I admit that I want to feel warm hardness all around me. Hands full, mouth full, hardness completely filling me. For their pleasure, not for mine. My pleasure lies in feeling full and manic and sinking deep into the feeling of too many bodies to count.

I want to be sated. I don't want to wonder if I have orgasms left to come. Pushed, stretched, tested, exhausted...I want to enjoy seeing and feeling each climax all around me, on me, yet know there is still more to come.

I want to feel skin against my skin with sweat mingling for the effort. I want to feel hands in my hair tightening and twisting, guiding me toward their pleasure over and over. Fully breathing, hips meeting hips, mouths meeting mouths, I want to feel everything and think nothing.

I want to hear their deep primal voices directing and demanding me. The space is thick with urgency and the scent of erotic intensity. The walls are gone. With every orgasm I want more, until all at once I don't.

I am open and exposed and prostrate. Then they are all gone...but Prof.

p.s. I added the picture of Ginger after she was all done, so hard at work...and yes, she did earn her orgasm ;)

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  1. Lovely picture, imagine it must have been a memorable tryst.