Wednesday, December 8, 2010

A Look Back, A Look Forward

It’s the time of year when it’s natural to both reflect and ponder what's ahead. Ginger and I, for as long as we’ve been partnered, have always treated ourselves to a night out and “checked in” with each other at the end of the year. Surely there have been years where we left some things on the table—missed opportunities—but 2010 was certainly not one of them! We sucked the marrow out of life this year (Ginger being particularly adept at oral, she performed beautifully).

While we don’t often write much about our personal lives, we both went through exciting transitions. I'm now Boss Man Bing (for all you Friends aficionados) and Ginger started building her own business in earnest. We both seriously love our careers, except that we are pulled in different geographic directions too often. Oh, and there’s the small issue that we have to be uber-discreet with our personal lives too, which sucks. Planning is already underway for us to work together someday: finding a niche in the world of sex-positivity. Perhaps we’ll host couples (and unicorn) retreats on a deserted island (though we’d “settle” for doing workshops at Desire too), or special 3 hour educational cruises. Cue the music.

The past year was defined for me largely in a single day. It’s not often that one can look at one day on the calendar and feel both tremendous pride and accomplishment. I completed an Ironman triathlon. It is 2.4 miles of swimming, followed by 112 miles of biking and then 26.2 miles of running. The experience was transcendental. Throughout all the preparation, lasting over a year, I was fortunate enough to stay healthy. Ginger was amazing in her support. A triathlete herself, she was understood the importance of the goal completely. She would pamper and then enthusiastically fuck me, though my hips were at times too tired to lift off the bed very much. She has never tired easily, and it’s fun to bring the extra stamina to our extended play sessions. And I have no problem calling in reinforcements if the occasion calls for it…

Our trip to Desire was also a fantastically memorable experience! The resort is such a classy place and the Swingercast crew—led by the unmatchable duo of Allie and John—was fantastic. Inspired by a couple from last year’s trip and Ginger’s spontaneous hot tub orgasms (see Feeling Desirous), I’ve trained in Reiki, and now Ginger can regularly get off through this energy stimulation. The Desire group remains well connected on Twitter, and openly welcomes new people into the fold. This year BareFeatz and Dani Sapphire of the Lifestylelife podcast will be joining us as well. The anticipation—read sexual tension—is already building at the prospects of meeting new people, reconnecting with old friends, and exploring other friendships started on the last trip more, er, thoroughly. Oh, and then there’s the sex swing in the club…they’re going to have a hard time getting Ginger to leave the swing next year!

In the online world, Ginger has been simply amazing in her role on Life on the
SwingsetThe Podcast. I listen to the episodes, get turned on by her sexy voice and sharp intellect and then pinch myself with the realization that I get to enjoy this Goddess every day. Having recently returned from a trip to the Midwest—the production headquarters of the Swingset—we met the many of the rest of the crew and each is as fantastic in person as they are on the show. Without exception: Quality people. Oh, and crazy hot chemistry. That was fun too!

Each year we figure out a way to “kick it up a notch” (to recycle the old Emeril
Lagasse expression). This will be no small task for 2011, but we are up for the challenge. After thinking about all the sexy times from this year, I’m literallyup” for getting started right now.

Here’s to the great friends sharing the journey with us —those we know well, those we’ve recently met, and those we have yet to meet. Cheers!

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