Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Swingers share.

Prof and I recently had a fun weekend out with sexy friends. It wasn't meant to be anything more than just fun on the town...the Platonic swinger outing, if you will. We were with a handful of hottie couples hanging out when another hottie couple we know arrived along with another couple we didn't.

My immediate intuition was that the other sexies were swingers too. As it happened, they were indeed. The four of them were out on a date and here they were in our midst! Bringing their catch into the lion's den of all places: a room full of swingers!

Were they that confident not of us would make our own move? Were they trying to ditch the lackluster dates among us and slip out the back door? Were they simply flaunting their newfound hot conquests?

Nah...none of the above.

As it turns out, swingers are typically "good sharers." Go figure. Our friends figured what a fun way to get to know another couple and introduce them to other sexy friends at the same time. We all behaved. Prof and I were friendly, but made sure to give the new "lust birds" some space to bask in that N.R.E. (new relationship energy).

As it turns out, the four of them left together toward the end of the evening. Who knows what the trajectory of their evening turned out to be. As you are in the Lifestyle longer and longer, Prof and I believe you become even better sharers, even encouraging sexy friends to meet new people and root for them in that endeavor.

In the end, we just felt great knowing there's another couple of swingers in the world moving us toward a critical mass. And, of course, we can always ask them out next time we see them, since our friends are excellent sharers.


  1. Dear Ginger and Professor,

    I first heard you two as guests of Jon and Allie while I was commuting home. When you mentioned this blog I couldn't`t wait get home and check it out.

    While the fantasy lurked deep inside me for a while, my wife and only began to seriously discuss it`s place in our relationship as we started to read the daring chronicles of a sexy mid-twenties couple who were slowly starting to open their own relationship up.

    Their blog was captivating to say the least- arousing, articulate, thought provoking, encouraging - It gave us a chance to live vicariously through them as they proceeded to open their relationship and bedroom to others.

    We started to blog along side them. We had 32 followers. Our own blog was a mix of confessions, love letters to eachother, erotica, philosophical and spiritual queries, and a wrestling of ideas - mainly that of reconciling the fantasy with the reality. It was also a catch-all for my thoughts and feelings that swirled about as this fantasy consumed me. It was a fun project for the both of us.

    Parts of it are much like your blog - albeit with a clouded vision or what the other side might look like - and a mild frustration at not having had the opportunity yet to explore it freely.

    The other couples blog went quiet amid feelings of doubt and confusion and that of being in over their heads in the polyverse.

    It caused us to -really- tread carefully with our fantasies. It appeared that our fantasies and reality may not mix well. We locked our blog away to all but a few and stopped writing as much.

    Then I find this space.


    It speaks of a reality that I thought might, could and does indeed exist. You both sound like amazing, brave and sexy people who deserve all the benefits of allowing yourselves to indulge in such delicacies.

    A God and Goddess indeed.

    Thank you for sharing your own journey.

    The post that describes the swingerverse inspired a few paragraphs for another project that we are part of. We may be able to share those thoughts with you if you would like. Write us if inclined.

    And keep writing here please!



  2. Justin and Betty!

    Thank you for the feedback and sharing your journey! Keep writing too. Prof and I would love to connect. We sex-positive, adventurous souls need to find each other and stick together.

    Ginger and Prof