Tuesday, April 6, 2010

"My cheeks hurt from laughing!"

In the afterglow of Desire, Prof and I are constantly reliving the sexy, hot times we had. The atmosphere was incredible. The food was sumptuous. The drinks were fortifying. The views were stunning. The breeze was caressing. The sun on our naked bodies was soothing. The ocean was refreshing while the hot tub was entrancing. We had sensory and stimulation overload, in the best way possible of course.

This profusion of sensory seduction pales in comparison to the experience of the people: so hot, so sexy, so erotic. . .and so witty. Yes, you heard me. Witty. Not only was this indomitable crew led by John and Allie sexing up the place, but they also brought their clever conversation A-game. I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. In the words of one of the sexy crew, "My cheeks hurt from laughing!" No, not those cheeks, the ones on your face, you dirty-minded hottie!

So here is just a smattering of what we overheard at Desire besides some very able accents, impromptu, well-executed show tunes and constant sounds of sexual satisfaction. While some things are best left to the imagination, it is important to immortalize the best of the best of things overheard at Desire. A few of these may motivate you join the group in 2011 for the full experience!

"Drink up. The more rum you drink, the better I look."

"No, that's not duck tape, it's Kentucky pasties."

"Have you had all the blow jobs you can handle yet?"
(Considering.) "Ummmm. . . no, no, can't say that I have."

"The group is sexual, but it is not just about the sex."

"If she was any hotter, it would be scary."

"What time is it?"
"Ummm. . .let's see," looks at wrist with no watch, "looks like it is swing o'clock."

"The server on the beach won't bring me water. She just keeps telling me I am on vacation and brings me another mojito."

T-shirt saying: "I came to Desire with Swingercast and all I got was a triple blow job."

Remembering Desire is a clothing-optional resort. . .asked while people were in the hot tub: "Do you have a pen?"

"I can't hurry, I am wearing pleather pants."

"Wow! Lots of guys are rocking the man-sarong."

The staff attempting to maintain the rules and order: "No coochie coochie in the cabana."

"After all of our action last night in the play tent, they are taking it down. Clearly, what we all did could not be topped. We were being so dirty, they even had to hose the whole area down."

On the dance floor: "What day is it?" she asks. He replies, "Ummm. . .not really sure," then asks another hottie, "What is today?" No one knew the answer and the quest for the knowledge of what day it was was abandoned.

"Whoa! I just had seven Gingergasms!"

"Let's give him a 'duelly.'"
"Who's Julie? I haven't met her."
"No, let's give him a 'DUELLY,' as in double blow job."
"Ohhh. . . absolutely!"

"The sex toy bag weighs 49 pounds. She's a packing ninja!"

"Hot tub happy hour. . .get in with your sunglasses on, get out when the moon comes out, maybe get off sometime in between."

"No, not 'EP' as in extended play. 'DP' as in double penetration."
"Well, how about 'EPDP'?"

"We need to do research to ascertain whether the enjoyment of the blow job varies by language spoken by the woman doing the oral." (There were plenty of male volunteers to help with that research.)

"The most dangerous place to be is between her and her orgasm."

"We came back to the room after the cleaning woman and she stood all of the dildos up. Apparently, the staff wants all the cocks erect and ready."

During a play session: "Come on in for the assist."

"I've never seen that position before."
"Really? Let's go practice."

Questions about swinger etiquette: "Do you interrupt others playing to say 'goodbye'?" How about: "Is it appropriate to tell her her ass is so hot it makes me want to bite it?"

"Hey, stop blowing him. You two are late for an orgy."

"My outfit had a fantastic time. I was just along for the ride."

And, last, but not least: "I'm not that familiar with U.S. geography, but I am discovering it one lady at a time."

This is hardly an exhaustive list. Sexy friends, if you have words that must be immortalized, pass them along! Gracias!

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  1. Great post! We missed the trip this year, but you brought back some great memories of before. Thanks Ginger 'n Professor
    The Bedbreakers