Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sometimes the Strangest Things Happen

From the Desk of the Professor:

Sometimes the strangest things happen.

When one has been in or around the Lifestyle for a while, you can get de-sensitized to things that may freak 'normal' people out. Like the time we were explaining to our first third (as in female partner, not as in First Third banking) about what swinger parties were like. She had never been to a party and though she was going to be with us, she was naturally apprehensive. Well, Ginger and I explained that the parties were very much like "normal" parties: people socialized and danced, except that it was often difficult by the end of the night to figure out who is partnered with whom. As a side note: Ginger has introduced me as the 'guy over there kissing the sexy woman' on more than one occasion. I suppose that is also different than most parties too.

Well as it turns out, the party our friend attended with us was over-the-top craziness. It happened to be on a boat and apparently we were in International waters because before too long, most everyone on the boat had removed more than one article of clothing. There was the female, buff plumber who kept doing pull ups on the canopy--completely naked. With the motion of the boat and the accumulated alcohol, it was a veritable free-for-all with dancing and groping. Then there was the couple having mindless sex--reverse cowgirl--while looking for who would be 'next'. Yikes! Not necessarily the easiest party to introduce your new female lover into the Lifestyle. In the end, she got comfortable and had a blast.

Sometimes the strangest things happen.

Fast forward now a couple of years. . .our first female lover is still very much a friend, but not active with us physically. About a year and a half ago, she started a monogamous relationship with another woman. We stay in touch. . .with occasional dinner and dancing. And then we find out from her new girlfriend that they share a mutual interest in the "pleasures of the occasional man." Now, I'm a man for THAT occasion. Sometimes the dancing gets pretty hot, but it's never boiled over into the bedroom. We have never been in a rush . . .if it happens, we know it will be a no-holds-barred-hot-sex-all-night kind of affair. If it doesn't happen, we're ok with that too.

Sometimes the strangest things happen.

So we're out on a date with some other Lifestyle friends and Ginger's phone rings. It's our former lover's girlfriend. Odd. Ginger excuses herself and takes the call. She returns with the kind of smirk that requires an explanation. She had missed the call, but listened to the voicemail. Our friends's girlfriend (who we have not had sex with) wants to introduce us to a 'couple-friend' of hers. It was quite an interesting message as she struggled to find the words--"um, they are interested in, um, you know, um, extracurricular activities. . .and I thought of you." Apparently, she's now recruiting for Team Ginger and The Professor.

To recap, our former lover's girlfriend hooked us up on a blind date with two of her friends (male and female). And ironically, the date, set for this Saturday, will be on a boat.

Sometimes the strangest things happen.

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